Address Verifications? Yes, We can help

OneKYC is an Online platform to Perform Address Verifications in the Field.

It Provides the necessary workflow to manage the address verification requests.

Enrollment to OneKYC is simple and easy.

Your Data is safe and Secure with us. We do not share or provide III Parties access to your customer data. Only the Verification Agency appointed by you will be granted the access


1. Request

  • Bank Creates a Verification Request
  • A Paper-Based Request can be created and sent to the Verification Agency
  • Bank assigns the request to an agency to perform the Verification


2. Review

  • Agency Reviews the Request
  • If the Request is paper based, agency enters the request into the system
  • Agency assigns the request to a Surveyor for Verification


3. Survey

  • Surveyor Performs Physical Verification
  • He gathers additional information and documentation
  • He handsover the survey results to the agency


4. Verify

  • Agency reviews the documentation submitted by the surveyor
  • Agency Ensures all verifications are properly done
  • Agency suggests re-survey if necessary
  • Agency forwards the results to the Bank

If you are interested in this service, please contact us with a few details

Mention your

  • Organization Details
  • Your role
  • Type & Purpose of your verification

Our Associate will get in touch with you and help you with the Signup process.